The Shanty Cabin

Rustic - Tranquil - Remote


“Howdy folks, ol’ man Shanty here! I came about in 2011 which means I’m the oldest one around. I was here first, gosh darn it!  I remember when y’all were without electricity and an actual driveway. I’ve seen so much change around here from MY vantage down here in Hubcap Hollar.  Those other, sexier units, they don’t even know. They think they are better than me?! Git off my lawn, I says! Git off my lawn!    Because I’m old, and the firstborn, I get continual attention paid to me in the form of a nip here and a tuck there.  My bones are good though! I’m thick. I slept through both a 100mph microburst and a 5.5 earthquake in the same week in the summer of 2017.  I’ve got hand-cut and milled 2×6 boards inside of me and plenty of insulation which means I’m cool in the summer and warm in the spring and fall.  Ask those other units what they are sporting? Popsicle sticks? Yeah, I thought so. Look me up on Airbnb, I post better review numbers than them other young punks.  Sure, I may be old, but I assure you, my deck is as firm as it’s ever been!!!


Outdoor Awning (Coming Soon)

Enjoy the sounds of the rain or hide from the sun under the Shanty's newest addition.

Sleep in the loft

Queen size mattress is located up in the loft or can be brought down if you don't feel like climbing.

Pet Friendly

Bring your furry bestie $25 per pet fee (2 pets max)

Amazing Views

Forest and mountain views for all of you nature lovers

Solar Powered

Shanty Cabin is solar powered, where you can charge your USB devices. AC power is available 1 min away in the Commons Area.

Simple Kitchen

Shanty Cabin contains a camping stove, cooler, kettle, coffee/tea, plates, bowls, utensils. Walk 1 minute to the Commons Area for all your cooking needs (fridge, stove, oven, sink, etc)

  • Shared bathrooms and Solar Showers
  • 2-seater Shared Hot Tub (shared among all cabins, just pick your time, hang your tag and soak!)
  • Shared Commons Lounge (fridge, oven, stove, Wifi, AC power, cooking/dining/seating/relaxing/working areas)
  • Shared fire pit
  • Outdoor games / activities
  • Free Scavenger Hunt and other hiking routes
  • Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
  • 2-seater Kayaks
  • River Floating Tubes
  • Photography Session at your cabin
  • Bring your Pup (2 dogs max)
“The Shanty (I’m sure their other listings too) are well worth the trip. Their space offers a unique respite from a normally hectic world. You are able to just exist no interruptions. If you find yourself longing for something to do Missoula offers bountiful options! I’d highly recommend booking! Just go, unplug, spend time with a good book, and just exist out there!”
Aaron from Salt Lake City, UT
”Honestly, Best airbnb ever! Absolutely book this. Stunning location, wonderful hosts, amazing stay! So much fun and extremely cute."
Norah from Dillon, CO

We’d love to make sure that we and you are a great match, made in vacation heaven. This way there are no hard feelings, 4-star reviews (gasp), or 5 am calls to local hotels.


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