The A-frame Cabin

Transforming - Famous - Peaceful


“Sup gurl! It’s me, A-Frame. I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal around here.  Born a child star and catapulted into the limelight before the paint was even dry behind my eaves, I’ve given interviews all around the world because of my innovative transforming design and all-around good looks.  It all started back in August 2017 when I was created in 3 short weeks by Garrett and Alla. On the right, are just a few of the places that were sweatin’ me for a bit since then ----> My style: I’ve got a support crew, aka “deck”, that spans 270 degrees of me which makes me hella versatile. Yeah, I’m basically the Justin Timberlake of tiny dwellings. My schedule is quite full and I run with a pretty exclusive company so if you actually meet me, consider yourself privileged. I frequently host grand celebrations such as anniversaries, proposals, birthdays, and travel bloggers hoping to sex up their feeds. Recently, I even made time for Kirsten Dirksen. Oh, did I just name drop? Yeah, no big deal. We even made a video together. She was all up on my deck for a hot minute.” Then there were the Zillow crew, which made this sweet and short snippet, check it out below.


Watch the Stars

One side of translucent wall provides for an excellent view of the stars at night.

2 Single Sized Beds

Can be pushed and locked into one

Pet Friendly

Bring your furry bestie $25 per pet fee (2 pets max)

Amazing Views

360 degrees of forested views for those nature and forest therapy lovers

Solar Powered

A-frame Cabin is solar powered, where you can charge your USB devices. AC power is available 1 min away in the Commons Area.

Simple Kitchen

A-frame Cabin contains a camping stove, cooler, kettle, coffee/tea, plates, bowls, utensils. Walk 1 minute to the Commons Area for all your cooking needs (fridge, stove, oven, sink, etc)

  • Shared bathrooms and Solar Showers
  • 2-seater Shared Hot Tub (shared among all cabins, just pick your time, hang your tag and soak!)
  • Shared Commons Lounge (fridge, oven, stove, Wifi, AC power, cooking/dining/seating/relaxing/working areas)
  • Shared fire pit
  • Outdoor games / activities
  • Free Scavenger Hunt and other hiking routes
  • Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
  • 2-seater Kayaks
  • River Floating Tubes
  • Photography Session at your cabin
  • Bring your Pup (2 dogs max)
"We expected just a cute A-frame out in the woods and we ended up with the most amazing experience! Alla and Garrett were amazing hosts and we loved Jeff and Donna as well! We will be coming every year until we can move! We never could’ve imagined such an amazing trip filled with stories, hikes, great laughs, and new friends. Everyone should have an experience like this at least once in their life and we are grateful for ours!”
Cat from Moorseville, NC
“Can we give 6 out of 5? We are reasonably seasoned AirBnB-ers, but this was hands down the best experience we have had yet. Garrett and Alla are lovely and were great fun to hang out with. Garrett’s parents are brilliant too. Beautiful property and lovely A-frame. Wish we had booked a week here!”
Adam from Banbury, UK

We’d love to make sure that we and you are a great match, made in vacation heaven. This way there are no hard feelings, 4-star reviews (gasp), or 5 am calls to local hotels.


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