Hi, I’m Alla!

photographer since 2010

Airbnb host since 2017

500+ guests hosted

airbnb featured

NYIP graduate

Honestly, my photography career didn’t start off in real estate and I’ve never shot real estate professionally. I learned photography and hosting, just like most things – as I went.

When my husband Garrett and I first started hosting on our bare land, we had no money to get anything done. So we did everything ourselves. We built, I took the photos, people came. We continued this trend for about six years before we quit our jobs and made our hosting business our primary. We’ve been fortunate to have been featured by almost 70 news sources, like Airbnb, Zillow, Apartment Therapy and Kirsten Dirksen. Our recipe continues to remain the same – do as much as you can yourself, keep your business expenses low, and provide EXTRAORDINARY hospitality!



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Happy Clients

Thank you so much for helping our resort with the new photos. They turned out great, especially the pool at dusk. We're excited to share these images on our platforms and can't wait to welcome new guests here.
Nok from Vietnam
Our old photos were so dark, narrow and full of stuff. But your new photos and recommendations are definitely better. The space feels bigger, brighter, cleaner. Thank you very much!
Subin Kwak from Jeju, South Korea
I'm not a full time host, so have no time to improve my listings. Your recommendations were helpful, now my photos have a story and the writing is optimized for guests traveling with pets. Thanks!
Ray from Mexico City

“Sharing is not only about giving away what you have; it’s about inspiring, empowering, and connecting with others. When we share our knowledge, experiences, and kindness, we create a ripple effect that can touch lives in ways we may never fully comprehend.”