Montana’s Kickass Experience: Miracle of America Museum

Driving past Miracle of America Museum, you’d think of it as a junkyard of rusted out farming equipment, random helicopters, robots, trucks and the like – probably abandoned or left to die in the middle of a field. That’s what we used to think of this place while driving to Glacier National Park. Then someoneContinue reading “Montana’s Kickass Experience: Miracle of America Museum”

Montana’s Kickass Experience: Horseback Riding at Cheff Ranch

Ever since I was little, I dreamed of having a horse. But growing up in a one-bedroom apartment, that horse would have had its head sticking out the balcony and woken up the neighbors as it walked down five flights of stairs on its daily walks. Not impossible, but not ideal 😛 30 years later,Continue reading “Montana’s Kickass Experience: Horseback Riding at Cheff Ranch”

Philipsburg – Montana’s Kickass Small Town

If you’re taking a day trip from Missoula, Montana, or making a halfway pit stop between your vacation in Yellowstone National Park or Glacier National Park (both about 3.5 hours away), you can’t go wrong by visiting the quaint historical town of Philipsburg, Montana. Philipsburg is a charming 19h century mining town with its beautifullyContinue reading “Philipsburg – Montana’s Kickass Small Town”

Anaconda’s Must-See Shop – Western Montana Fur Center

Visiting smaller towns in Western Montana, you’d undoubtedly come across a quintessential Main Street lined with bakeries, antique shops, museums, cafes, breweries, and a diner or two. Some of them may be more kept up and renovated like the quaint streets of Philipsburg, some of them may be more rustic like the streets of Butte,Continue reading “Anaconda’s Must-See Shop – Western Montana Fur Center”

Smokejumper Visitor Center – Missoula Kickass Attraction

Did you know that Missoula, Montana holds the largest training base for smokejumpers? You probably also didn’t know that it’s available for a visit, the tours are free (though donations are encouraged) and sometimes a smokejumper himself/herself will guide the tour! So who are smokejumpers? (I also didn’t know before I visited this informative center).Continue reading “Smokejumper Visitor Center – Missoula Kickass Attraction”

Montana’s double secret: Twin Lakes

What would you expect to find after 17 miles of bumpy Montana dirt road? An abandoned cabin, a lookout tower, or a grizzly bear or two? How about a pair of subalpine lakes that just beg to pose for a picture. Twin Lakes as they are called are located at 7,200 feet elevation in theContinue reading “Montana’s double secret: Twin Lakes”

Montana Kickass Experience: Montana Vortex and House of Mystery

What if I told you that there is a place in Montana where people grow in front of your eyes? where brooms stand upright on their own? marbles roll upwards against the pull of their gravity? and you physically just can’t get up from a chair? By visiting The Montana Vortex and House of MysteryContinue reading “Montana Kickass Experience: Montana Vortex and House of Mystery”

Montana Kickass Experience: Garnet Ghost Town

Less than 1 hour from our Montana property, lies a very special place, where if you squint you can visualize saloons and barbershops of yesteryear with over 1,000 people that used to call this place home back in the late 1800s. If you listen quietly, you can almost hear the 50 mines in the areaContinue reading “Montana Kickass Experience: Garnet Ghost Town”

Montana Kickass Experience: Morrell Falls

Looking for an easy, peasy hike and a beautiful waterfall in Western Montana? Then read on! The most challenging part of the Morrell Falls hike is finding the trailhead and parking lot. But the search is just a part of the adventure, isn’t it? The trail itself is rated moderate probably due to the lengthContinue reading “Montana Kickass Experience: Morrell Falls”

Montana Kickass Experience: Kootenai Falls and Swinging Bridge

Imagine yourself driving through Northwestern Montana on US Highway 2, admiring the windy road surrounded by majestic mountains. Every once in a while you glance to the right, where you faintly observe a river, which also meanders through these remote parts of the world. At another turn, you see a large, undisclosed parking lot withContinue reading “Montana Kickass Experience: Kootenai Falls and Swinging Bridge”