Montana’s Kickass Experience: Miracle of America Museum

Driving past Miracle of America Museum, you’d think of it as a junkyard of rusted out farming equipment, random helicopters, robots, trucks and the like – probably abandoned or left to die in the middle of a field. That’s what we used to think of this place while driving to Glacier National Park. Then someoneContinue reading “Montana’s Kickass Experience: Miracle of America Museum”

Montana’s Kickass Experience: Horseback Riding at Cheff Ranch

Ever since I was little, I dreamed of having a horse. But growing up in a one-bedroom apartment, that horse would have had its head sticking out the balcony and woken up the neighbors as it walked down five flights of stairs on its daily walks. Not impossible, but not ideal 😛 30 years later,Continue reading “Montana’s Kickass Experience: Horseback Riding at Cheff Ranch”

Secret Proposal in Bonner, Montana

It all began when Will contacted us via Airbnb in the hopes to rent our lovely A-frame Cabin and at some point there, propose to his longtime girlfriend – Becca. I thought: “That’s cool, the A-frame has had an interview, a few Anniversary celebrations this summer but an engagement would be a first. Damn, we’re notContinue reading “Secret Proposal in Bonner, Montana”

Philipsburg – Montana’s Kickass Small Town

If you’re taking a day trip from Missoula, Montana, or making a halfway pit stop between your vacation in Yellowstone National Park or Glacier National Park (both about 3.5 hours away), you can’t go wrong by visiting the quaint historical town of Philipsburg, Montana. Philipsburg is a charming 19h century mining town with its beautifullyContinue reading “Philipsburg – Montana’s Kickass Small Town”

Shanty Cabin Red and White Design

When we bought our piece of Montana property back in 2012, it was off-grid, didn’t have running water, a septic system, or anywhere to live. It was as primitive as it gets, but we got it at a very swinging deal, so no complaints whatsoever. In fact, this stunning piece of property has forced usContinue reading “Shanty Cabin Red and White Design”

Anaconda’s Must-See Shop – Western Montana Fur Center

Visiting smaller towns in Western Montana, you’d undoubtedly come across a quintessential Main Street lined with bakeries, antique shops, museums, cafes, breweries, and a diner or two. Some of them may be more kept up and renovated like the quaint streets of Philipsburg, some of them may be more rustic like the streets of Butte,Continue reading “Anaconda’s Must-See Shop – Western Montana Fur Center”

Building of a tiny A-frame cabin (part 2)

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for an updated look at our rigging system (completed in June 2018) Want to see more of our awesome Montana Airbnb retreats (we’ve built 3 – The Shanty, the Blind, and the A-frame), or follow us on Instagram @thehohnstead Thank you for tuning back in, last week’s postContinue reading “Building of a tiny A-frame cabin (part 2)”

The making of “A tiny A-frame” (Part 1 of 2)

To me, tiny houses are fascinating with their ability to fit most necessities in small spaces, while utilizing transformer furniture or other clever storage possibilities. I love browsing through Pinterest, clipping ideas under the “Future Tiny Home” folder, or discovering new Youtube channels dedicated to these small wonders. Tiny houses are a big business theseContinue reading “The making of “A tiny A-frame” (Part 1 of 2)”

10 Unique Montana Airbnb Accommodations (updated 2021)

Ever since I was little, I was always mesmerized by various types of lodging structures, be it bungalows, shacks, cabins, apartments, yurts, tipis, or campers. How and why do people live in a certain place a certain way always puzzled me and made me curious about what it would be like? Today, curious souls canContinue reading “10 Unique Montana Airbnb Accommodations (updated 2021)”

Smokejumper Visitor Center – Missoula Kickass Attraction

Did you know that Missoula, Montana holds the largest training base for smokejumpers? You probably also didn’t know that it’s available for a visit, the tours are free (though donations are encouraged) and sometimes a smokejumper himself/herself will guide the tour! So who are smokejumpers? (I also didn’t know before I visited this informative center).Continue reading “Smokejumper Visitor Center – Missoula Kickass Attraction”