Before Booking

Rustic Glamping

Rustic (adj) – 1. relating to the countryside, rural

2. made in a plain and simple fashion

See also unsophisticated, homely, plain

Glamping (noun) – a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

Pet Friendly

For an additional fee, we'd love to host your furry bestie at The Hohnstead, but your pet is your responsibility. Please mind your pet around other guests to avoid problems or accidents. Also, please leash your pet while in the Commons Area.

Wild Life

Being in the mountains, we share the space with beautifully Instagrammable animals such as deer, elk, and bears. All that said, bugs, flies, and the occasional mouse might drop by to say hello too. We do our ABSOLUTE BEST (fly tape, traps, poison, ancient Blackfoot Indian chants) to make sure you won't see them. However, if even the prospect of the sight or sound of the occasional bug or mouse puts a burr under your saddle, we kindly suggest that you book a chain hotel in the city of Missoula.

Shared Outdoor Bathrooms, Showers and Hot Tub

None of the cabins are attached to a bathroom or shower. All of the cabins are surrounded by dense forest. The bathrooms/showers require a 1 minute walk. Our SOLAR showers depend largely on the weather conditions. It is outdoors, which means that THE SHOWER HEATS UP FROM THE SUN. You must be flexible as the sunshine and the weather dictate your ability to take a shower. The Hot Tub is also shared, so pick your time, hang your tag and soak!

Shared Kitchen/Dining/Co-Working Space

Also known as the Commons Area is a shared space inside the red building, where you have access to Wifi, AC power, cooking facilities, as well as games, books and local info recommendations.

What should I expect?

At the Hohnstead, we welcome you to experience the simplicity of a rustic glamping life, the stillness of nature, and the pureness of your routine being dictated by the sun.

We just love sharing our gorgeous slice of Montana heaven and welcome you to join us next to the campfire and under the stars!