About The Artist Fellowship

Are you looking for a focused space to explore your creativity?

Fellowship program provides a FREE overnight stay at The Hohnstead to artists and creatives looking to get inspired and to harness their talents while in nature.

We have been very lucky to have hosted tattoo artists, musicians, painters, singers, writers, photographers, quilt-makers and other creative individuals over the years.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Please use the form below. Every application will be reviewed promptly.

Artist Fellows will hear back us if their application is a good fit for the fellowship program.

We use the word artist very loosely, an artist can include but is not limited to writers, illustrators, chefs, photographers, content creators, bloggers, vloggers. We encourage all creative people to apply!

Yes, we encourage creators to submit applications once a year.

Your overnight stay is on us when you stay with our Artist Fellows Program. Please note that transportation to and from The Hohnstead is not provided in the Artist Fellows Program. Rentals are also not included in the program.

The Hohnstead’s Artist Fellows program is a one night stay during any available date before Memorial Day and after Labor Day when the hosting season is open. The chosen artist gets to pick ANY of the 5 cabins available at The Hohnstead.