🌲The four of us obviously REALLY love the outdoors!

🌲We love living off the land and living a self-sustaining lifestyle (hunting, fishing, recycling, gardening, composting, re-using, etc)

🌲Currently, mom and dad are teaching Alla and Garrett (mostly Alla) how to shoot bow and arrow, we’re getting ready for a competition in May 2023.

🌲Garrett and Alla are working hard on motivating mom and dad to leave the property, in order to travel and see the world.

🌲We all find our compound dog, Slonik, bossy but in the cutest way!

Alla Ponomareva (basically Hohn)

Co-founder/Photographer/Idea Generator
- Archer Wanna-be - Multilingual (can count to 10 in 6 languages) - Originally not American, can you tell 😛 - Favorite Big Dipper Flavor: Coconut - Makes venison/sourdough dumplings from scratch

Garrett Hohn

-20+ years of making homebrewed beer - Currently sober (maybe) - Originally from Michigan, basically Canadian - Greatest hockey goalie in Daejeon, South Korea from 2009-2022 - Wakes up smiling (a$$ hole)

Donna Hohn

Mama Hohn/ co-host
- The nicest mom you'll ever have - Will feed you bear sausage, against your will - Huntress who gives papa Hohn a run for his money - Most active winter time neighbor, ask her about cross-country skiing - Makes the coolest stained glass projects

Jeff Hohn

Papa Hohn /co - host
- Fell in love with Colorado in the 80s, so moved whole family to Montana - Bad-ass Welder (30+ years) - Best teacher, we know, our cabins are still standing 🙂 - Hunter/Archer/Fisherman/True Montanan - Loves the fact that he got to get away with our street name


Alla and Garrett used to teach abroad (in South Korea) for over 14 years.


The Hohnstead was slowly built 3 months at a time during their summer vactions

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