as we document our journey by writing a book about how we went from bare a$$ land to self-building The Hohnstead AND creating a lifestyle where we work for 6 months, then play 6 months.

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We're Garrett Hohn and Alla Ponomareva (basically Hohn)

We used to live and teach in South Korea for 14 years (that’s where we met (super cute story, read more about it in our book). While there, Garrett’s parents and us bought an incredible piece of Montana property. Back in 2010 land prices were still kinda reasonable BECAUSE there was no electricity, septic, water, buildings or even roads.

So, what are two teachers with little money to do?

We saved, planned, learned, sewed, painted, re-purposed, broke, pooped in the wilderness, created, planted, waited, hosted, smiled, built, grew, floated the Blackfoot, drank, fixed, and continued the process for many years until we quit our Korean jobs and WENT ALL IN ON THE HOHNSTEAD!

We’ve realized that being our own bosses is more fun than the alternative, so we’ve committed to our 6 months work, 6 months play lifestyle (which we actually began while in South Korea, but more on that in our upcoming book!)

We’ve never written a book before, but Alla used to run a pretty cool travel and photography blog. We also actually enjoy working together, so this BOOK is kind of our legacy thing, since we don’t have any children (we’ll talk about that more, in, you guessed it, the book!)

Finally, we hope you subscribe to our email newsletter and come back to read blog posts on this page, they will act as places where our book’s big ideas and passages come to the light of day.


In this section of the blog, you can read about our passion for hosting short term rental guests in our self-built, off-grid cabins.

This part of our upcoming book will focus on how we went from a bare a$$ land with no electricity, water, septic, roads or buildings to a self-built, self-managed seasonal resort that went from making us $3000 in income our first year to making a full time living (and quitting our jobs abroad).


This section of the blog, will focus on how we’re able to NOT WORK and play for 6 months in between our hosting seasons.

This part will zero in Places to Live, Travel, Possessions, Fitness, Food, Debt, Subscriptions, Side Income and other topics that we feel are important in inspiring other like-minded folks to live more balanced lives of working, and playing on REPEAT!


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