It happens to everyone…

On May 5, we’ve lost our beloved pet Slonik, who was our best friend, our reason to come home early, reason to get outside during COVID era while in Korea, our travel companion, grandmothers’ favorite grandkid who didn’t complain about another knitted outfit, the best cuddle buddy whose head always ended up sharing my pillow…

So many memories were shared with Slonik during his 13 year old life, so while we grief and cry almost daily, here is LESSON 1 we’re learning from this horrific life event.

1. Do more

Do more with your pets and loved ones. Go on that Bucket List Trip. Hike that gnarly mountain you always see snow on. Bring them with you even if you never have before.

One of our fondest memories with Slonik was roadtripping, then taking a boat to an island off the main coast of Korea, called Jeju. During Covid, we decided to live there for 1 month SO we brought our dog, even if it was extra pay, more inconvenient and time consuming to jump through the hoops to get him there.

2. Capture every special moment

Use that awesome gadget in your pocket and take lots of photos and videos with your pet or loved one. Then, find a creative way to memorialize it. Whether its an Album of your photos, a canvas print, a key chain, a t-shirt or an entire Youtube channel dedicated to them. You’ll be glad you did when you did, because photos/videos/memory is lost/erased ALL THE TIME.

3. Don’t get another one

This lesson stems from my culture’s tradition of death and grief. My Ukrainian-Russian family would always allot at least 1 month before we introduced another pet into our family. There may be some kind of woo-doo black magic in the air, because cases have been documented that a new creature will soon succumb to the other side. Don’t quote me on any of this, but its better to be safe than grieving again within a months time.

4. Remember the cycle of life

Nobody and nothing lives forever. As much as we wish for the futuristic invention of a magic pill, that’s not the case YET. What makes Garrett and I feel better about Slonik’s passing is donating his items to our friends’ dogs and hope to continue the cycle of life via eliminating consumption. Who wouldn’t want a bespoke bed, made by Grandma Hohn? Instead of throwing it away, or selling it to a stranger, we know that by donating it to a friend, their adorable black poodle Arlo will enjoy it!

5. Remember to smile

Slonik’s life should not be defined by the final 3 days of his demise. Instead, I choose to smile every time I see his photo, video, photo book, or his stuff.

So, would you indulged me in one of Sloniks best on camera moments in our latest Hohnstead Life Vlog video on Youtube.

Slonik action starts at 22:45

Leave us a comment about what was/is your pet’s favorite thing to do with you 🙂

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