Montana’s Kickass Experience: Miracle of America Museum

Driving past Miracle of America Museum, you’d think of it as a junkyard of rusted out farming equipment, random helicopters, robots, trucks and the like – probably abandoned or left to die in the middle of a field. That’s what we used to think of this place while driving to Glacier National Park. Then someone mentioned to us that this museum happens to possess a very impressive collection of old Americana artifacts, war paraphernalia, cultural relics, antiques, cars and thousands of other items worth seeing.

And so we did and then we went back again and again because the collection is massive and we kept on bringing over new fans and admirers.

It all started back in 1981 when Gil and Joanne Mangels had founded this one of a kind place. Their efforts have been so impressive and eventually in 2014 “18,000 visitors from the entire United States, 10 Canadian provinces and 24 foreign countries” had paid a visit here. The museum also sponsors educational events for local elementary and middle schools throughout the state of Montana.

This eye-catching relic above is what welcomed us outside of the museum in the summer of 2019, but you may be witness to something completely different when you go.

Everyone begins their tour indoors, after paying the ticket fee and getting a map.

Admission Rates

Under 2 years: Free

Child 2 – 12 years: $5.00

Regular Admission: $10.00

It was fun to see the eyes of our Korean guests when they saw all the guns and ammunition, right there within arm’s reach. Welcome to America! 🙂

“The largest collection of Glacier National Park memorabilia on display in the state.” Miracle of America Museum

There are even animal mounts, a replica of an old diner, maps, skins, dolls and an endless array of bottle openers… Coca Cola anyone?!

“A growing collection of over 70 antique motorcycles and over 3000 pieces of cycling memorabilia.”

If the indoor items haven’t impressed/overwhelmed you, just take a look outdoors!

“Over 30 military vehicles, 6 aircraft, and thousands of pieces of collectibles and memorabilia from “Minuteman to Desert Sand.”

Feel free to roam around the property, entering buildings, walking through canopies, climbing on choppers, pushing dusty buttons and marveling at the history of it all.

So focus your audio!

Don’t dilly dally, while in Montana, make a pit stop at the Miracle of America Museum in Polson, where the history is alive and on display!

Miracle of America Museum

36094 Memory Lane, Polson MT 59860
(406) 883-6804

9 AM to 5 PM daily

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