Anaconda’s Must-See Shop – Western Montana Fur Center

Visiting smaller towns in Western Montana, you’d undoubtedly come across a quintessential Main Street lined with bakeries, antique shops, museums, cafes, breweries, and a diner or two. Some of them may be more kept up and renovated like the quaint streets of Philipsburg, some of them may be more rustic like the streets of Butte, either way – small towns always possess a character that is worth visiting and exploring. I had an opportunity to visit Anaconda’s special character shop this summer and boy was I glad that I did!

Some may call it a shop, I’d call it an experience!

With a name like Western Montana Fur Center/Brewery Antiques, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the anticipation was high after a few neighbors of ours raved about this place. “You gotta see this place, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen!” they said.

If people who know how much I travel and love exploring think I’ve NEVER seen anything like that, then it must be one hell of a shop!

What started as a poker game conversation between friends who didn’t wish to tip their hand to their buddy about what it takes to trap animals such as the Red Fox. This prompted George to go out to teach himself instead, which turned into a career and a very successful Western Montana Fur Center. Now in operation for over 40 years, this shop has an impressive collection of not only furs, coats, antlers, skulls, leather, and hides but also antique furniture (Brewery Antiques). If the furs don’t impress you, it’s all the vintage games, toys, books, magazines, and other collectibles displayed around the furs that create an array of undoubted interest!

Their inventory is huge, offering an enormous variety of products such as Tanned furs: Coyote, Lynx, Wolf, Wolverine, Mink, Muskrat, Fox, Raccoon, Beaver & many more,  Fur Coats, Hats, Gloves, Pillows, Blankets, Rawhide; Hair-On hides: Cow, Buffalo, Moose, Goat, Exotic; Hair-Off hides: Deer/Buckskin, Elk, Brain Tanned, Buffalo, Taxidermy mounts, antlers, skulls/bone/teeth, Bear claws, traps & trapping supplies.

They can also make blankets, gloves, pillows, hats, and coats from any type of fur in stock. I hear Christmas is coming 🙂

This place is definitely bonkers, you may spend an hour or two just looking around. Afterward, all talk of Brewery Antiques might get you a bit thirsty. The historic town of Anaconda has got you covered in that department with its only brewery located less than a minute away – Smelter City Brewing. Come check out its beautifully restored Electric Light Building, funky merch vault, and some tasty brewskis.

Smelter City Brewing

101 Main Street
Anaconda, MT 59711


Open Hours: Daily 11 am-8 pm

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Western Montana Fur Center and Brewery Antiques

125 W Commerical Ave

Anaconda, MT 59711


Open Hours: Daily 9 am – 5 pm

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