My Montana Family Photography Session

The one obligatory photograph that you HAVE to take each year is that of your awesome and ever changing family!

If you are lucky to see yours once a year, great! If not, then you better treasure those moments like it’s the only thing that truly matters, because trust me with family spread across multiple continents, family time is precious!

So, 2018, brought a new and colorful session courtesy of my broken tripod (a light stand works just as well) and timer function. To bring some color and messiness to our playful family, I ordered a handful of plain white shirts and a pack of multicolored flour or dust that is also used during the famous Holi Hai Festival in India and consequently around the world.

Total amount in materials: around $50

Memories created and captured: PRICELESS! 

My fearless sister in law and her family went first…

Second, were mom and dad in law, who really seemed to enjoy themselves…

Last, but not least, were Garrett and I with my mom in law in charge of the camera (pretty good for a newbie!)

At last, when the sun was practically behind the mountains we quickly got together for a messy yet silly and fun family shot.

What will the 2019 Hohn-Miles-Ponomareva family picture entail? You’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Published by Alla Ponomareva

Daejeon based portrait and travel photographer/EFL teacher with a passion for traveling on a budget and sharing her stories on her blog

4 thoughts on “My Montana Family Photography Session

  1. So cute! It’s great that you and your family could get together and capture the moment. The colors are really dynamic and makes it more unique than your average awkward photos of everyone standing on a porch trying to freeze their smiles!

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